About us

Located on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, in the heartland of South Africa, we hand raise big cats, with special focus on the Cheetah.

It is essential for our children to value and understand the importance of conserving, managing, developing and utilizing natural resources to ensure the survival of local and global environments. Wild species maintain healthy ecosystems, provide us with food, shelter, and clothing, benefit us economically and improve the quantities of our life by their existence.

Hand reared animals are invaluable in teaching adults and children the value of conservation. Direct contact with these beautiful creatures can remind everyone of the importance of protecting the magnificent heritage of our land.

Nobody who has seen a cheetah up close, heard it purr, or had the rare opportunity to touch it will ever forget the experience. This experience has the power to change a specific mind-set, to instill passion and to fill people with overwhelming awe, and it is this experience that will hopefully ensure the continued survival of this unique species.

Out attitudes and misconceptions about these species have led to their endangerment because many people deal with their fear by eliminating predators. Endangered species exist in low-population numbers and need intensive long-term management in order to survive. To get school groups involved will help to make this a race of survival and not extinction.

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