Much is surprisingly

Since I arrived at Cheetah Experience I experienced many things that surprised me.
I saw Cheetahs like monkeys climbing through the trees.



A Caracal was as a bird sitting on a rooftop.



A Serval, who himself was still young, took care as a nanny for an even younger, absolutely cute leopard.


Crazy, as we all would be people from the netherlands we loaded our house (made from iron) on the trailer to unload it a little bit further.

We could and can do only such work, because we all support each other.


Working with Rian was also great. We repaired the gates of the enclosure and a door in Rianas house where we watched the two Cheetahs lying there on the couch.

Cat explained how to kiss a male lion on the mouth and it was probably the first time in my life that I gave a male a kiss on the mouth. I confess – I enjoyed it…

I also learned that you have to open the mouth so that a meercat can put her head in. This is the initiation ritual. From this point you are a member of the group.

For now the caracals are my best friends of all cats here.

In the few days of my stay here, I saw all the things, that must be done and I am happy that I can support Riana and Cheetah Experience with my work.


It’s a matter of my heart.


Joern, Germany

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