All you need is love…


Having never been out of Australia before the weeks leading up to my arrival to Cheetah Experience were spent building pictures in my imagination. And cheetah experience fell nothing short of my imagination but there was one thing that has taken me by surprise, and it’s not that I didn’t expect to see it here but I didn’t expect to see it to the extent that it exists here – and that is love. The underlying foundation of love which exists at Cheetah Experience is perhaps the most heartwarming thing to witness. You can see the love and joy in the eyes of Riana, Rene, Lizaene and Cat alike and it extends throughout all the volunteers when handling the animals. And no animal is too big or small. Take Pete for example, the baby antelope brought to Cheetah Experience after being caught in a fence (you can still see the scarring). It would have been easy to draw the line and say that there is no room for Pete (and Paddy) but no, they, like many animals before them, have been welcomed here with open arms and given the love that all animals need. Because all every animal needs is love!


Gemma, Oz

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